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Our spare parts division is a CAMEC agent for spare parts. We do offer a large range of spare parts from Toilet chemicals, plumbing connections and sink plugs to Awnings, Levellers, Towing Mirrors, Antennas and water tanks.

 We do not only stock Camec supplied items. Our suppliers range from the large suppliers such as Camec, Coast to Coast , Dometic and Aussie Traveller to our smaller business & wholesale suppliers. We have a contact list instore of other local tradesmen & local businesses that may be able to assist on the rare occasion we are unable to.

 If you need an item we will either have it in store or make every effort to find it for you.

Our spare parts also includes Gas Bottle refills and Swap n Go gas bottle exchanges.  

The information in relation to our Gas refills and swaps, including prices, is included on this website under the tab GAS REILLS.